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Overall Rating 8.4, Based on 21 Reviews
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Machine Type Stovetop Devices, With / Without Steamer Attachments
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Class Stovetop Espresso
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Vac Pots & Others: Stovetop Espresso - Others
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A category listing page for all types of moka pots (stovetop espresso) not currently listed individually in the CoffeeGeek database.

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. . (quality: 4.3) 06.22.2004 Rating: 8.4
Product Reviewed: Dama 3 Cup
Bottom Line: Good pot if you can't afford a pump machine
Aaron Cooper (quality: 7.7) 06.14.2005 Rating: 7.8
Product Reviewed: MokaEasy
Bottom Line: Expensive, but convenience over stovetop moka pots and potential for making coffee while traveling offset the cost.
Chris Beck (quality: 7.0) 07.15.2001 Rating: 9.2
Product Reviewed: Musa 4-cup
Bottom Line: A great Moka pot and a great way to make coffee.  The Italians love it for a reason...
Douwe Dijkstra (quality: 5.8) 02.01.2003 Rating: 7.2
Product Reviewed: Stylus 6 cup
Bottom Line: Recommended, a well-build, good looking moka pot.
Ed Mason (quality: 4.5) 02.06.2007 Rating: 8.6
Product Reviewed: 4-cup Moka Pot
Bottom Line: A very simple way to brew good coffee.  Unbeatable value, time-proven design
Esben Brun (quality: 7.5) 04.29.2001 Rating: 9.2
Product Reviewed: Alessi "9090" Espresso Maker
Bottom Line: You can get other cheaper moka pots, but this one gives the pleasure of flawless function, workmanship and beautiful design.
Fataah Ewe (quality: 4.5) 09.19.2001 Rating: 9.6
Product Reviewed: Moka
Bottom Line: Price is way cheap, coffee tastes grand; I have bought sev of these, thru years.
Glenn R. Holmes (quality: 8.7) 08.30.2000 Rating: 8.4
Product Reviewed: SS 3 Tasse Moka Pot
Bottom Line: Espresso the natural way and gentle on the wallet. Not quite in the same league as high octane machine made espressos but then not as expensive either
Jicso Malev (quality: 4.0) 02.20.2001 Rating: 9.2
Product Reviewed: inpud
Bottom Line: Best coffee at easy,cheap,and flavor
Jim Philpot 08.07.2004 Rating: 9.0
Product Reviewed: Expresso Mio
Bottom Line: This device has gotten a bad rap, and it's partially the manufacturer's fault (not explaining how it works), and partially the user's fault (not understanding how it works).
Junghwa Jang (quality: 7.0) 02.15.2008 Rating: 7.4
Product Reviewed: Vespress 3-cup
Bottom Line: Highly recomanded if you just start loving Espresso at least expenses. Produce good quality espresso especially for Latte and cappuccino.
Len Caplan 02.17.2006 Rating: 9.0
Product Reviewed: Alessi 9090 Travel Set
Bottom Line: An elegant solution to taking your brew with you.  It is beautiful and makes a really nice cup of coffee.  This is not a toy.
Lisa B. (quality: 6.0) 01.17.2000 Rating: 8.8
Product Reviewed: Venezia
Bottom Line: The low tech solution for good, strong coffee -- a classic!
Matt Kiessling (quality: 7.3) 02.16.2004 Rating: 6.8
Product Reviewed: Bialetti 18 cup pot
Bottom Line: Makes industrial quantities of great moka coffee but needs much initial cleaning and some care in use.
Mike Foster (quality: 7.4) 02.23.2002 Rating: 6.8
Product Reviewed: Expresso Mio
Bottom Line: Sucks big, but buy as many as you can.
Neil Edwards (quality: 5.6) 07.05.2002 Rating: 6.4
Product Reviewed: Mocha Pot
Bottom Line: In the right context, it is a wonderful product.
Neill Walker 07.15.2010 Rating: 7.8
Product Reviewed: Vespress 3-cup Stainless
Bottom Line: A moka pot that gives Bialetti a run for the money with induction compatibility and a better upper-chamber design.
Pam Forrester (quality: 3.5) 09.17.2006 Rating: 10.0
Product Reviewed: Moka Pot-Stainless steel
Bottom Line: If you want delicious espresso at home but cant  afford an excellent espresso machine try a moka pot.
Paul Wilmoth (quality: 6.5) 02.09.2007 Rating: 9.4
Product Reviewed: Star (new)
Bottom Line: Extremely well made little machine, for a better than "great" cup!
Peter Van de Reep (quality: 7.7) 08.22.2004 Rating: 8.6
Product Reviewed: Dama 6 Cup
Bottom Line: Produces excellent coffee that exceeds steam machine results and mediocre cafe espresso.
Russ Benblatt (quality: 6.8) 01.15.2002 Rating: 9.0
Product Reviewed: Elettrika
Bottom Line: Great for ANY coffee geek who travels!!!
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Order A-Z | Order Z-A 1 - 21 | Show 20
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