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Cory Vacuum Coffee Brewers
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Product Details
Overall Rating 7.8, Based on 18 Reviews
Avg Price Varies
Manufacturer Cory
Machine Type Chrome / Copper, Built in Heater, Glass Filter, Automatic, Vacuum Coffee Maker
Colors Chrome, Glass
Class Vacuum Coffee Maker, Automatic
Pro Review No
First Look No
QuickShot No

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Vac Pots & Others: Cory Vacuum Brewers
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Cory is a defunct appliance maker, who, back in the 1930s to 1950s, made a wide range of vacuum brewers. They show up on eBay all the time now.

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Kirt Thomas (quality: 6.0) 02.13.2000 Rating: 8.0
Product Reviewed: Cory ACB
Bottom Line: Convenient and easy - Makes good coffee.
Matt Hargreaves (quality: 8.0) 02.21.2000 Rating: 6.0
Product Reviewed: Cory DCG Rubberless
Bottom Line: Overvalued for the prices they sell for.
Jack Denver (quality: 7.5) 03.23.2000 Rating: 8.0
Product Reviewed: Cory Large Gasket
Bottom Line: An inexpensive and sturdy introduction to the vacuum brewing method. More functional than beautiful.
Steve Holst 11.01.2000 Rating: 6.8
Product Reviewed: Cory "rubberless" coffe m
Bottom Line: A nice vacuum coffee maker if the price is low enough.
Alec 04.30.2001 Rating: 10.0
Product Reviewed: Cory Gasketless Vacuum
Bottom Line: If one comes available, don‘t hesitate to buy it.
Tony Reynolds (quality: 9.0) 09.23.2001 Rating: 9.2
Product Reviewed: Cry DRU/DRL Wide-Mouth Va
Bottom Line: If you can find one of these at a decent price, you owe it to yourself to try it. It‘s a wonderful throw-back to a kinder, slower era.
Jim Pellegrini (quality: 7.8) 12.11.2001 Rating: 6.4
Product Reviewed: Cory - large with gasket
Bottom Line: Great for hands-on types who enjoy the process, and among the best coffee you‘ll taste
Erica Joslin (quality: 7.0) 12.26.2001 Rating: 9.2
Product Reviewed: gasket model
Bottom Line: This is an inexpensive introduction to vac-pot coffee.
Jim Pellegrini (quality: 9.0) 01.01.2002 Rating: 5.6
Product Reviewed: Cory Gasketless
Bottom Line: Not better than the gasketed Cory (or other vac pots), but a fun addition to a collection at the right price.
Craig Hairrell (quality: 6.2) 01.17.2002 Rating: 6.8
Bottom Line: Nice collectible coffeepot -- if it just sits on the shelf.
Bob Logan (quality: 8.4) 03.14.2002 Rating: 7.6
Product Reviewed: Gasketless model
Bottom Line: I love it! but probably not a pot for everyone, especially new vacuum pot users.
Ed Dotson (quality: 7.2) 08.10.2002 Rating: 9.0
Product Reviewed: gasket model
Bottom Line: Great coffee, a real slice of American food history, you won't regret it.
Jason Anderson (quality: 5.5) 10.06.2003 Rating: 5.8
Product Reviewed: Gasketless model
Bottom Line: In an ideal world, capable of making great coffee; in the real world, much more dicey.
Steve Watkins (quality: 8.5) 12.15.2003 Rating: 8.8
Product Reviewed: ACB
Bottom Line: Any appliance that still works well after 50 years is to be comended.  Don't turn your back on it until you get to know it.
Zach Johnson (quality: 8.5) 04.16.2005 Rating: 8.6
Product Reviewed: DRU-3
Bottom Line: A bit tricky and time-consuming but the best coffee you/anyone has ever had.
Glenn Kelly (quality: 7.0) 01.16.2008 Rating: 7.2
Product Reviewed: DRU/L 3
Bottom Line: Makes great coffee when it doesn't stall out.
Jerry Lowery 05.19.2010 Rating: 8.0
Product Reviewed: DRU3/DRL VacPot
Bottom Line: I love this thing... Use it several times a day so far... and will drink alot more coffee for it... nough said.
Steve E (quality: 3.5) 03.07.2011 Rating: 9.0
Product Reviewed: Ivory DRU/DRL w/DEO
Bottom Line: More fun than seems reasonable
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