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La Pavoni PA Grinder
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Product Details
Overall Rating 6.1, Based on 25 Reviews
Avg Price $65.00
Manufacturer Salton
Machine Type Flat Burr Grinder
Colors Black, white, chrome
Class Grinder, Flat Burr, Consumer
Pro Review No
First Look No
QuickShot No

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Grinders: La Pavoni PA
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A grinder rebranded by Pavoni (made by Salton, marketed also as a Salton, Melitta, and others)

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Rob Novak (quality: 9.0) 01.04.2004 Rating: 1.8
Bottom Line: Utter crap.  La Pavoni should be ashamed to put their name on this thing.
Mike Dahlor (quality: 9.0) 04.28.2006 Rating: 5.4
Bottom Line: Simple, straight forward design that falls terribly short on performance.
Chris Chase (quality: 8.3) 01.30.2004 Rating: 2.8
Bottom Line: Not suitable for use by people!
Vincent Sapone (quality: 8.0) 03.06.2006 Rating: 2.2
Bottom Line: A mess in more than one way. Read before you buy one.
Brendan Getchel (quality: 7.5) 07.24.2001 Rating: 5.2
Bottom Line: Coffee yes. Espresso, definately NOT! Better than a blade grinder, but not by much.
Jim Noone (quality: 6.5) 10.16.2005 Rating: 6.0
Bottom Line: Great for Press Pots on coffee colored counters
Jim R. (quality: 6.4) 06.18.2002 Rating: 5.6
Bottom Line: For less than $30, a step up from a blade grinder-don't use for espresso.
Frank Mastrogiovanni (quality: 6.2) 06.14.2007 Rating: 6.4
Bottom Line: I grinded, I brewed, I drank
Dominic Santini (quality: 6.0) 03.28.2004 Rating: 4.0
Bottom Line: Embarrassing to the La Pavoni name. (What were they thinking?) A cheap and poorly made piece of junk.
Neil Farley (quality: 6.0) 03.24.2006 Rating: 6.2
Bottom Line: If you are on a tight budget it is not a terrible choice
Steve Dearth (quality: 6.0) 07.04.2002 Rating: 5.8
Bottom Line: Keep your blade grinder until you've saved enough for Solis Maestro!
Dave Lubertozzi (quality: 6.0) 11.25.2001 Rating: 8.0
Bottom Line: decent for the money, a bit messy; not for espresso
Misty Stanley-Jones (quality: 6.0) 04.06.2002 Rating: 8.4
Bottom Line: Cheap grinder makes great grounds, if you are willing to spend a lot of effort cleaning it, and if you don't mind static.
Sean Rooney (quality: 6.0) 04.12.2001 Rating: 8.8
Bottom Line: Great grinder for the price, grinds too fine for press coffee.
Steven Tock (quality: 5.7) 01.03.2002 Rating: 7.8
Bottom Line: A very decent grinder for drip, vac pot, and french press brewing
Cole Weber (quality: 5.0) 04.03.2008 Rating: 2.0
Bottom Line: Extreme static mess makes this too frustrating to use. Get a blade grinder, or save your money for something better.
John Boddie (quality: 5.0) 04.25.2003 Rating: 7.2
Bottom Line: A solid choice for the money - but you will have to deal with static
Daniel Marsalone (quality: 4.7) 07.14.2001 Rating: 7.2
Bottom Line: Nice, stylish and inexpensive unit great for normal coffee and steam/low end pump espresso.
Phil Dreizen (quality: 4.0) 12.04.2000 Rating: 6.4
Bottom Line: Definitely competent and a very good grinder if you don‘t want only espresso.
Rick Oz (quality: 4.0) 06.11.2001 Rating: 4.4
Bottom Line: Disappointing.  Portion control timer malfunctioned and manual shut-off button failed. I returned mine.
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