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Cuisinart 600 Series Grind & Brew
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Product Details
Overall Rating 5.3, Based on 64 Reviews
Avg Price $60.00
Manufacturer Cuisinart
Machine Type Grinder, Filter, Variable Setting Programmable Auto Drip Machine
Colors Black, White
Class Auto Drip Coffee, Grinder Timer Thermal
Pro Review No
First Look No
QuickShot No

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Coffee Makers: Cuisinart 600 Series Grind & Brew
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Older generation Grind and Brew from Cuisinart It features a digital timer and a blade grinder.

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Adam Holmes (quality: 7.0) 01.07.2004 Rating: 4.8
Bottom Line: Poor coffee, bad grind, bad, bad, bad.
Amy Peninger (quality: 7.0) 10.25.2004 Rating: 0.0
Bottom Line: If you're considering purchasing this coffee pot, think again.  It's a HUGE waste of your hard earned money.
Andrew Weiss 01.19.2008 Rating: 8.8
Product Reviewed: Thermal Grind n' Brew
Bottom Line: Great middle of the road no fuss machine with nice features.  It'd be improved if it had a battery backup for the brewing clock.
Andrew Weiss 01.19.2008 Rating: 8.8
Product Reviewed: Thermal Grind n' Brew
Bottom Line: Great middle of the road no fuss machine with nice features.  It'd be improved if it had a battery backup for the brewing clock.
Angela Murtagh (quality: 5.0) 06.02.2005 Rating: 1.6
Bottom Line: Save your time and money....poor quality coffee and a pain to operate...returning it today!
Anne (quality: 4.0) 03.08.2000 Rating: 5.6
Bottom Line: coffee is too weak
B Jay (quality: 4.0) 02.21.2000 Rating: 9.2
Bottom Line: Without a doubt the best cup of coffee i've ever made.
Beau Raines (quality: 5.7) 04.05.2003 Rating: 7.4
Bottom Line: Pretty good pot of coffee on a timer!  Makes a commuter's morning easier.
Brian Combs (quality: 7.0) 01.17.2002 Rating: 6.2
Bottom Line: Simple to brew; hard to clean.
Bryan Whitehead 12.23.2006 Rating: 4.8
Bottom Line: Magic machine - turns Starbucks beans into coffee that tastes like the Maxwell House in my mom's kitchen.
Catherine Gallagher (quality: 4.0) 01.05.2007 Rating: 3.6
Bottom Line: Don't waste your money; don't waste your time--and you will spend much time cleaning this pot!
Charlotte Kaukani 02.25.2006 Rating: 5.0
Bottom Line: DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE!!!!!!!
Chris (quality: 4.0) 01.23.2001 Rating: 8.0
Bottom Line: Overall - a good cup of coffee
Chris Chartier (quality: 8.0) 04.24.2009 Rating: 2.2
Product Reviewed: Grind & Brew
Bottom Line: One of the worst designed drip coffee makers ever made, IMO.
Chris Pratt (quality: 7.0) 03.14.2007 Rating: 8.2
Product Reviewed: Grind and Brew
Bottom Line: Great coffee maker, makes excellent fresh ground coffee, looks good, easy to use and to Clean! (Unless you are really lazy. )
Cj J (quality: 7.0) 04.29.2006 Rating: 1.0
Bottom Line: Biggest waste of money ever.
Cory K (quality: 6.5) 12.05.2005 Rating: 3.4
Bottom Line: Don't waste your time, money, or sanity!
Daniel Collins (quality: 3.0) 03.08.2005 Rating: 2.8
Bottom Line: Do not buy this grind and brew machine...makes lousy coffee and you'll spend more time cleaning it than enjoying it's conveniences
David (quality: 6.0) 08.25.2001 Rating: 5.2
Bottom Line: Has all the bells and whistles but makes very weak coffee
David Emery (quality: 4.5) 03.29.2006 Rating: 3.0
Bottom Line: Overpriced, inconsistent performance, substantial engineering flaws.
David Odmark (quality: 7.0) 05.31.2000 Rating: 7.6
Bottom Line: Great coffee, terrific convenience, esp. if you run the dishwasher every night or pay someone to clean it for you :-)
David Paulsen (quality: 7.5) 05.31.2000 Rating: 8.4
Bottom Line: HIGHLY recommended. Best machine Ive owned.
Dennis Cheng (quality: 5.5) 10.05.2006 Rating: 2.2
Bottom Line: Looks cool and the idea is good, too bad execution is poor as the coffee is weak and cold. This is my second cuisinart appliance that has disappointed. I will no longer purchase their products.
Doug Montgomery 11.22.2005 Rating: 9.0
Bottom Line: I truly believe a happy wife starts with a great cup of coffee and the Cuisinart DBG-600 makes it easy.
Douglas Lang 01.04.2008 Rating: 5.8
Product Reviewed: Grind and Brew 600 Thermo
Bottom Line: Don't settle for this.  Either buy something cheaper or go Technivorm and never have to deal with it again.
Ed Lamoreaux (quality: 2.0) 07.20.2001 Rating: 2.8
Bottom Line: This unit is a royal pain, and NOT recommended
Eric Rosenberg 06.25.2013 Rating: 7.4
Product Reviewed: Grind n Brew
Bottom Line: Time consuming to clean, but worth it for fresh, hot coffee
Erick Carpenter 12.12.2005 Rating: 5.2
Bottom Line: It certainly grinds and brews....but may not do either with extended use.
G C (quality: 6.0) 11.28.2004 Rating: 5.2
Bottom Line: Just use a cheap blade grinder and a Mr. Coffee for similar coffee.  Look elsewhere if you really want a quality cup.
Gerri Klotz (quality: 6.0) 04.03.2004 Rating: 4.0
Bottom Line: Loud,hard to clean,leaks coffee sludge out of filter (not sealed) down inside of coffee pot base, button to open filter broke after 3 months.
GREG BLANDINO (quality: 5.5) 09.17.2009 Rating: 2.4
Product Reviewed: GRIND AND BREW
H Bruce Hartgers (quality: 3.0) 11.06.2006 Rating: 9.6
Bottom Line: Outstanding product, think criticism largely due to misuse, failure to follow detailed directions.
Jason West (quality: 6.0) 10.23.2005 Rating: 4.4
Bottom Line: Above average, daily cleaning required, many parts, novice use only.
JD (quality: 3.0) 10.24.2001 Rating: 2.0
Bottom Line: Broke after 9 months.  Dont buy.
Jenna Richard (quality: 1.0) 12.27.2007 Rating: 2.0
Product Reviewed: Grind and Brew 600
Bottom Line: If you like grounds in your coffee, coffee all over your counter, a machine that can't be fully or properly cleaned, this is the machine made special, just for you!
John Clarke 01.26.2004 Rating: 7.8
Bottom Line: If you want a drinkable cup of coffee waiting for you when you get up this machine will do nicely, if you want coffee nirvana you probably shouldn't be looking at a drip machine anyway.
Josh Hall (quality: 7.0) 09.21.2004 Rating: 8.2
Bottom Line: Good daily cup of coffee, thermal coffeepot is extremely convienent.
Joyce Lee (quality: 5.0) 06.16.2000 Rating: 6.0
Bottom Line: We use this pot for the convience and freshness of brew.  the many parts and lack of grind adjustment are the shortcomiings
Kane McNeill (quality: 6.0) 12.10.2007 Rating: 0.0
Product Reviewed: 600 Series
Bottom Line: Front door opens during brewing..spewing coffee and the grounds all over your counter.   YIPPEE!
Kate Daly 04.03.2006 Rating: 3.2
Bottom Line: Great machine makes lousy coffee.
Kathy Maurer (quality: 6.0) 03.21.2005 Rating: 0.4
Bottom Line: Stay away from this machine- far, far away!
Kcooper (quality: 4.0) 05.14.2001 Rating: 8.8
Bottom Line: Compared with Krups, which brews too cold (177F) and Kitchen Aid which brews too hot  (194F)...Cuisinart Grind & Brew does the fresh griniding and pro
Laura Y (quality: 6.3) 01.19.2005 Rating: 5.4
Bottom Line: Nice look, good coffee, but it all falls apart if the coffee is cold!
Lois Keller (quality: 7.0) 12.12.2007 Rating: 4.4
Product Reviewed: Grind & Brew Thermal
Bottom Line: Good coffee, awesome thermal carafe, but NOT worth the time required to clean the messy grinding unit.
Lou B (quality: 4.0) 12.28.2006 Rating: 9.6
Bottom Line: Coffee is so good I have to make more than one pot a day to keep up with the coffee lovers it has created in my house.  No more coffee grounds all over the kitchen.  Clean up's a breeze.
Mark Lamdanski (quality: 2.7) 01.07.2007 Rating: 8.8
Bottom Line: Good machine and well worth the extra effort.
Maryjo Barnes (quality: 4.0) 04.01.2007 Rating: 7.2
Bottom Line: The second machine was only warrantied for a short period and since it leakes all over the counter EVERY time we use the machine, just as the first one did, we will no longer buy this Cuisinart product.
Michael Barnett (quality: 6.0) 02.08.2002 Rating: 2.2
Bottom Line: Cuisinart put their name on a very poor quality coffee maker.
Michael Harmon (quality: 8.0) 01.05.2002 Rating: 7.8
Bottom Line: With the exception of the LOUD grinder, this machine does everything one could ask to produce a very acceptable cup of joe.
Mike (quality: 3.0) 08.12.2001 Rating: 9.2
Bottom Line: Ive owned 2 machines
Nancye Combs 02.24.2008 Rating: 2.6
Product Reviewed: Grind and Brew
Bottom Line: Bad investment; lousy product; save your money for a good coffee maker
Nancye Combs (quality: 6.0) 02.24.2008 Rating: 2.6
Product Reviewed: Grind and Brew
Bottom Line: Bad investment; lousy product; save your money for a good coffee maker
Nancye Combs 02.24.2008 Rating: 2.6
Product Reviewed: Grind and Brew
Bottom Line: Bad investment; lousy product; save your money for a good coffee maker
Paul Mernaugh 08.30.2009 Rating: 3.0
Product Reviewed: Grind and Brew
Bottom Line: This aesthetically pleasing kitchen showpiece helps detract your eyes from the coffee and grinds that ran down your kitchen cupboard - great for those that like to put their cleaning skills to a test!
Phil Rose (quality: 7.3) 01.02.2002 Rating: 1.6
Bottom Line: I gave this away to a friend. After a few months, they threw it out.
Robyn K (quality: 5.5) 07.31.2006 Rating: 7.4
Bottom Line: Good non-commercial machine for those who do not mind a couple mins of clean-up!!
Russ Benblatt (quality: 7.8) 12.25.2001 Rating: 9.2
Bottom Line: Great for regular drip coffee.....but it won't wash your car.
Ryan Byrne (quality: 7.0) 01.04.2007 Rating: 5.2
Bottom Line: Wouldnt buy this again. Cleaning it everytime is such a hassle, outwieghs the convenience.
Sherri Lyon (quality: 7.0) 09.15.2004 Rating: 7.8
Bottom Line: Good, fresh-ground coffee when you wake up.
Stephen Albert (quality: 4.0) 01.15.2000 Rating: 9.2
Bottom Line: The best coffee maker I have ever owned.
Susan Leibowitz (quality: 3.0) 04.19.2005 Rating: 1.2
Bottom Line: makes weak coffee
Teer Nanooge (quality: 7.5) 04.08.2010 Rating: 3.4
Product Reviewed: grew and brind
Bottom Line: not good
Tom Ito (quality: 4.0) 02.01.2005 Rating: 9.0
Bottom Line: Stylish coffee maker.  Nothing beats one touch automatic grinding and brewing.
Vernon Bishop (quality: 5.0) 02.21.2009 Rating: 8.0
Product Reviewed: DGB600BC
Bottom Line: Good stepup, will buy a Capresso next time
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Order A-Z | Order Z-A 1 - 64 | Show 20
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