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Mr Coffee Espresso (All)
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Product Details
Overall Rating 6.8, Based on 22 Reviews
Avg Price Varies
Manufacturer Varies
Machine Type Pump, steam, pod, reservoir, single boiler, froth aider, crema enhancer
Colors Black, White, Silver, Metal, Others
Class n/a
Pro Review No
First Look No
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Consumer Espresso: Mr Coffee Espresso (All)
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Al Banks (quality: 6.2) 04.26.2002 Rating: 9.0
Product Reviewed: ECMP10
Bottom Line: Good machine, Great price.
Sespe33 Sespe33 (quality: 8.1) 05.30.2003 Rating: 8.8
Product Reviewed: ECMP10
Bottom Line: Excellent for personal home use.
Becky Scripter (quality: 10.0) 10.03.2006 Rating: 8.4
Product Reviewed: ECMP10
Bottom Line: No better pump espresso machine for the $$!
Darren Conrad (quality: 7.5) 07.31.2002 Rating: 8.2
Product Reviewed: ECMP10
Bottom Line: Best pump driven espresso machine for the money!
Rene Lacroix (quality: 10.0) 01.10.2011 Rating: 8.2
Product Reviewed: ECMP50
Bottom Line: Temperature can be calibrated. Logic chip controlled. Has auto cooldown to brew from steam mode. preinfusion too.
George Swanson (quality: 7.3) 05.31.2002 Rating: 8.0
Product Reviewed: ECMP10
Bottom Line: A solid pump driven unit for a bargain price...
Zeke Schulz (quality: 1.0) 04.18.2009 Rating: 8.0
Product Reviewed: ecmp40
Bottom Line: Top of the line guts with a budget price and an ugly body - are you drinking the body or the coffee?
Rene Lacroix 12.28.2007 Rating: 7.8
Product Reviewed: Espresso ECMP40
Bottom Line: Mr. Coffee has engineered this machine to be solid and idiot proof.  I can't see how they can do it for $59 and make a profit.
Alan Macleod (quality: 5.0) 02.20.2008 Rating: 7.8
Product Reviewed: Mr Coffee ecm250
Bottom Line: Makes very good lattes/capachinos. Easy to clean. Cheap.  Good machine if you only make a cup or two at a time.
Jacob Miheve 03.10.2006 Rating: 7.6
Product Reviewed: Mr Coffee ECMP40
Bottom Line: A good machine in the under $100 category.
Finn Thomas (quality: 7.0) 02.16.2003 Rating: 7.6
Product Reviewed: ECMP10
Bottom Line: This is a good enough machine to learn how to make great espresso. It has lots to teach you, if you pay attention.
Steven Boyett (quality: 4.4) 02.06.2003 Rating: 7.6
Product Reviewed: espresso machine
Lupco Spasovski (quality: 5.5) 05.03.2012 Rating: 7.4
Product Reviewed: Pump Espresso
Bottom Line: Bottom line: for the money, this is a pretty good espresso machine, especially if you do not make too many of them on a daily basis.
Robert Pusztavari (quality: 6.5) 06.06.2003 Rating: 7.4
Product Reviewed: ECMP10
Bottom Line: Much better than a steamer and cheap.
Shannon Horton 02.26.2003 Rating: 7.4
Product Reviewed: ECMP10
Bottom Line: Great machine for the price.
Kurt Jueckstock (quality: 6.3) 11.23.2002 Rating: 5.8
Product Reviewed: ECMP10
Bottom Line: If you have a steam toy it's a step up, but not a very big one.
Mark Schneider (quality: 4.0) 10.19.2006 Rating: 5.0
Product Reviewed: Espresso
Bottom Line: Look to one of the other "beginner" models recommended on this site if you plan on daily use.
Mr. Dooder 12.29.2007 Rating: 4.6
Product Reviewed: ECM160
Bottom Line: Fast. Cheap. Not good, but at least not worse than Starbucks.
Wolfhard Homma (quality: 4.8) 01.30.2003 Rating: 4.4
Product Reviewed: ECMP10
Bottom Line: Nice and affordable, but you get what you pay for. Machine was returned to Walmart who credited my account. Walmart has no replacement for this machine. I contacted Mr. Coffee for tips on repair but never got a response.
Joel Stevens 06.02.2006 Rating: 4.2
Product Reviewed: ECMP40
Bottom Line: Very lightweight, poorly made piece of junk, but it is possible to get a cup of coffee out of it.
Steve Lambert (quality: 7.0) 02.20.2008 Rating: 3.8
Product Reviewed: ECM-250 Espresso
Bottom Line: Dangerous, junk,
H H (quality: 5.0) 08.12.2005 Rating: 3.6
Product Reviewed: ECMP33
Bottom Line: Cant believe this machine gets any rating higher than a 3. Not much better than a steamer.
Sort Listing: Date Written | A-Z | Rating | Ranking
Best First | Worst First 1 - 22 | Show 20
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