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Gaggia Baby Espresso Models
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Product Details
Overall Rating 7.2, Based on 27 Reviews
Avg Price Varies
Manufacturer Gaggia
Machine Type pump, single boiler, 3 way solenoid, semi auto, espresso machine
Colors White, Black, Others
Class Semi Automatic Dual Purpose Boiler
Pro Review No
First Look No
QuickShot No

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Consumer Espresso: Gaggia Baby - All
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The Gaggia Baby is a long standing model from Italy that has gone through several revisions, and is now available in several variants, including the Class, Dose, Basic, and Class D. The Dose (automatic) model is pictured.

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Jesse Robinson (quality: 7.1) 04.09.2004 Rating: 2.8
Bottom Line: Get something designed in the last ten years, at least.  Doesn't live up to its reputation.
Simon M (quality: 2.2) 07.08.2005 Rating: 2.8
Bottom Line: Buy an all metal machine with substantial construction, stay away from this plastic wannabe!
Len Caplan (quality: 4.8) 09.16.2003 Rating: 3.4
Bottom Line: Great machine if you can find an older model around...if not check out the competition or spring for the extra bucks and buy a Classic or a Sylvia.
Mike Stan (quality: 3.5) 09.16.2003 Rating: 5.2
Bottom Line: Left behind by the competition.
Thing One (quality: 3.0) 01.14.2005 Rating: 6.0
Bottom Line: Great inner works, but terrible outer shell.  Avoid this unit.  The Gaggia Classic is worth the extra $100
Magnus Stensson (quality: 6.2) 01.11.2005 Rating: 6.4
Bottom Line: Had the power button been of better quality I'd have liked the Baby to be my friend for many years to come, as it makes good espresso and gives you control of the process.
Nadav Caine (quality: 9.3) 04.12.2004 Rating: 6.8
Bottom Line: Light years ahead of anything in $250 range, but not a conversation piece.
Mike Pressel 02.21.2011 Rating: 7.0
Product Reviewed: Baby Dose
Bottom Line: A good entry level machine that will thrill the new comer and satisfy seasoned veterans with a few minor modifications.
Andy Panda 03.03.2012 Rating: 7.0
Product Reviewed: Baby (2003 version)
Bottom Line: Great espresso, quality components, awkward ergos
Niall Smyth (quality: 3.7) 03.05.2005 Rating: 7.2
Bottom Line: this machine is a legend for a reason
Brad Franks (quality: 8.0) 11.29.2003 Rating: 7.2
Bottom Line: Great espresso if you can figure out and live with the simple ideosyncracies, doesn't meet quality for price.
Alan Magill (quality: 6.5) 10.27.2004 Rating: 7.4
Bottom Line: Makes a great espresso. As a first espresso machine, the Baby will do a good job of convincing you that you spent your money wisely.
Daniel Spiegel (quality: 6.0) 08.30.2008 Rating: 7.4
Product Reviewed: Baby
Bottom Line: Best of the Cheap Espresso Machines—Not Great, Not Terrible
Kelly Bauman 06.26.2008 Rating: 7.4
Product Reviewed: Baby
Bottom Line: A good mid level home machine
Don Chow 10.14.2010 Rating: 7.6
Product Reviewed: Color
Bottom Line: Great value, good espresso, nice deep red colour
Ian Lock (quality: 5.5) 06.25.2005 Rating: 7.6
Bottom Line: Great little machine -I'm happy!
Patrick Sloane (quality: 9.2) 04.14.2006 Rating: 7.8
Product Reviewed: Baby Gaggia
Bottom Line: great styling, 'retro' look, solid construction, low maintenance - but don't waste your money on the current model!
Alison Buck 03.21.2011 Rating: 8.2
Product Reviewed: Baby Gaggia
Bottom Line: Why upgrade when it works?
Luca De Alfaro 12.30.2009 Rating: 8.2
Product Reviewed: Baby
Bottom Line: A great machine: very dependable, very good espresso.
Andrew King (quality: 8.5) 03.27.2003 Rating: 8.6
Bottom Line: A superb mid-level machine, excellent espresso, Gaggia-quality, questionable steaming functionality
Gery Bastiani 01.19.2010 Rating: 8.6
Product Reviewed: Baby
Bottom Line: I like my Gaggia Baby, it is very well built, easy to use and makes a good cup of espresso for a entire level home machine
Chris Wyser-Pratte (quality: 4.0) 02.27.2000 Rating: 8.8
Bottom Line: A good value, mid-level entry point to good espresso
Chris Smith 05.10.2010 Rating: 8.8
Product Reviewed: New Baby
Bottom Line: Good machine overall that produces rich crema. Great for the price.
Jeremy N 07.24.2008 Rating: 8.8
Product Reviewed: Baby Class (Stainless)
Bottom Line: Produced consistently very good shots with just a little practice, right method & good grind -- maybe not the machine for those on a quest for a godshot, but for those who value consistent quality, ease-of-use and quick cleanup this is for you.
Jim Cummer (quality: 5.9) 02.13.2000 Rating: 8.8
Bottom Line: For $300, your espresso problems are over.
Owen O'Neill (quality: 6.2) 04.16.2002 Rating: 8.8
Bottom Line: Great value for the money - learn the frothing idiosyncrasies and have fun!
Colin Newell (quality: 4.0) 07.05.2001 Rating: 9.0
Bottom Line: This is one of the best espresso machine values for under $500
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Best First | Worst First 1 - 27 | Show 20
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