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QuickMill Vetrano Espresso Machine
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Product Details
Overall Rating 8.9, Based on 35 Reviews
Avg Price $1,395.00
Manufacturer QuickMill
Machine Type Rotary pump, E61 grouphead, semi automatic espresso machine
Colors Steel
Class Semi / Automatic Heat Exchanger Boiler
Pro Review No
First Look No
QuickShot No

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Prosumer / Pro Espresso: QuickMill Vetrano
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Custom made machine by QuickMill for Chris' Coffee Service featuring a 15amp connection, a rotary pump and many commercial components.

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Dave Stoner (quality: 7.0) 07.25.2007 Rating: 10.0
Bottom Line: The Vetrano is a big winner.
Kelly Miller (quality: 6.5) 08.04.2007 Rating: 10.0
Bottom Line: Beautiful machine, stellar performer, easy to fiddle with- unless i win the lottery, this is the last machine I will ever need.
Matthew Buemi (quality: 6.0) 03.10.2007 Rating: 10.0
Bottom Line: One beautiful, polished, shiny, espresso machine
Tara Rae (quality: 3.0) 04.23.2008 Rating: 10.0
Bottom Line: It's the "WOW EFFECT" that what all our family & friends say Wow what a great coffee! You should be charging for them!!!!!!
Christopher Eppley (quality: 5.5) 09.20.2006 Rating: 9.8
Bottom Line: Well worth the money and an excellent product!
Kirk D (quality: 5.0) 11.06.2006 Rating: 9.6
Bottom Line: Vetrano has it all along with Chris' Coffee customer service and support and I can see both of them serving me well for a lifetime.
Anthony Bevivino (quality: 5.6) 10.27.2007 Rating: 9.4
Bottom Line: I bought a $1600 coffee machine, and I think it was a bargain considering how great it is.  That says it all.
Dwight Caughfield 06.06.2008 Rating: 9.4
Bottom Line: Perfect Machine for me but I've got to start my wife on Beta Blockers for the Caffine since she loves the results so much.
Alan Mushnick (quality: 5.0) 10.08.2007 Rating: 9.4
Bottom Line: this machine is totally solid, quiet, and  reliable. It is one of the best things I ever bought. If you love coffee, find the money for this and you will be happy you did.
Jake Wilson 06.14.2011 Rating: 9.4
Bottom Line: If you're in the market for an HX espresso machine, you would be hard pressed to buy a better machine
Rob Stevens (quality: 7.0) 09.08.2006 Rating: 9.4
Bottom Line: The Vetrano is the Coffeegeeks dream machine...once you try it there is no looking back!
Patrick McCormick (quality: 7.4) 04.11.2007 Rating: 9.4
Bottom Line: A timeless, gleaming chunk of espresso nirvana.
John G (quality: 6.7) 01.22.2007 Rating: 9.4
Bottom Line: If you are looking for: direct connect, 1200-1500 range, drain, good looks, even better espresso,  get this machine...and get it from Chris - service is top rate.
M. Whitt (quality: 6.0) 10.01.2006 Rating: 9.4
Bottom Line: I am quite pleased with this machine and would buy it again.
Wolfgang Lueckel 05.13.2009 Rating: 9.2
Bottom Line: the last machine that you'll ever need as a picky and demanding home barista
Jim Douglas (quality: 5.0) 01.08.2008 Rating: 9.2
Bottom Line: Good shots from a machine that should last a lifetime.
Patrick Owen (quality: 7.0) 12.28.2007 Rating: 9.2
Bottom Line: The Vetrano is as good as it gets for home use.
Michael Kay 03.09.2015 Rating: 9.0
Bottom Line: My Vetrano w/Baratza Vario-W makes some of the best espresso drinks I've ever had!
W M (quality: 7.0) 03.13.2007 Rating: 9.0
Bottom Line: Great investment. Improves quality of life. If you have cash and electricity go for the next category up (2 boiler) otherwise you'll still be very happy barista.
John Weiss (quality: 9.1) 09.14.2006 Rating: 9.0
Bottom Line: The Vetrano is unsurpassed for features in its price class, and capable of producing truly excellent espresso. Looking for a great home HX machine? You won’t do better than the Vetrano.
Shawn B (quality: 5.0) 02.27.2010 Rating: 8.8
Bottom Line: If you want a direct plumbed, very attractive E61 rotary pump machine stop searching, you have found it.
Timothy Manning (quality: 6.0) 08.27.2010 Rating: 8.8
Bottom Line: What a great way to wake up in the morning!
Steve Mac (quality: 6.8) 04.04.2007 Rating: 8.8
Bottom Line: Great machine to start and/or end in one purchase the quest for good coffee. Needs a grinder to perform best.
Roger Darley (quality: 6.3) 09.21.2006 Rating: 8.8
Bottom Line: I am very happy I bought this machine. When the level of performance gets upgraded, I'll be happy to buy another one.
Karl Denninger (quality: 7.6) 03.13.2007 Rating: 8.6
Bottom Line: If you can pop for the $1400, Vetrano is hard to beat.
Nicholas Lundgaard 06.24.2008 Rating: 8.6
Bottom Line: This machine is a compelling entry into the higher end of the E61 class of machines. If you want to go plumbed in for under 2 grand, this machine should be on your short list.
Alan Levin 07.06.2010 Rating: 8.6
Bottom Line: If you step up to a plumbed in E61 machine, the Vetrano can take you to the next level of espresso obsession.
Chris Louviere 10.25.2007 Rating: 8.4
Bottom Line: Owning the Vetrano has enhanced my life and ensured that I stay HAPPILY caffeinated.
Mario Azar 07.10.2011 Rating: 8.4
Bottom Line: Great purchase across the board..  Highly recommended.
Dave Gruber 04.10.2010 Rating: 8.0
Bottom Line: Love the Vetrano!
John Rieke 07.11.2011 Rating: 8.0
Bottom Line: The Vetrano exceeded my expectations for quality of espresso, quality of manufacture, and vendor service.
Mark Konop (quality: 6.0) 10.08.2007 Rating: 7.8
Bottom Line: Direct plumbing and rotary pump were the way to go!  Chris's service was outstanding!!
Janet Stark (quality: 4.0) 01.04.2012 Rating: 7.8
Bottom Line: Beautiful, powerful machine for serious coffee lovers; long term quality questionable.
Steve Houston (quality: 2.5) 05.24.2008 Rating: 7.2
Bottom Line: Vetrano is a quality machine. Chris' Coffee is a great sales organization.  Probably not the best machine for me.
Susan Sucheta 10.16.2010 Rating: 6.0
Bottom Line: Looks great and makes great espresso when it is working!
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Best First | Worst First 1 - 35 | Show 20
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