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Rocket R58 Dual Boiler Machine - Derek Sheffield's Review
Posted: December 28, 2012, 9:55pm
review rating: 6.0
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Rocket R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine
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Arrow The Rocket R58 Dual Boiler Machine has been rated 9.14 overall by our member reviewers
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Quality Reviews
These are some of the best-written reviews for this product, as judged by our members.
Name Ranking
Mark Holloway 8.00
Bear Lemley 7.67
Derek Sheffield 6.00
Russell McLaughlin 6.00
Theodore Bell 5.67

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Ratings and Stats Overall Rating: 9.2
Manufacturer: Rocket Espresso Milano Quality: 9
Average Price: $2,700.00 Usability: 9
Price Paid: $2,695.00 Cost vs. Value 9
Where Bought: idrinkcoffee Aesthetics 10
Owned for: 2 months Overall 9
Writer's Expertise: I live coffee Would Buy Again: Yes
Similar Items Owned: Rocket Premium Plus V2
Bottom Line: Classy dual boiler machine that functions as well as it looks.
Positive Product Points

Excellent fit and finish. Reasonably easy to learn to use. Adjustable temperature control for both boilers independantly. Can be plumbed in or run off a built in resevior. Able to produce consistent espresso without much difficulty. Rotary pump is quiet.

Negative Product Points

Some minor issues that can easily be fixed. (minor steam wand leak and "drift" in brew head lever). Due to machines ability to only heat one boiler at a time with 15Amp North American service it does not steam milk and pull shot at the same time very well.

Detailed Commentary

The Rocket R58 dual boiler espresso machine performs as expected for a machine in this price range. It looks better than the rest in my opinion. But to each his own.


I bought it from idrinkcoffee in Milton Ontario. It came with a box containing a stainless cup rail, two portafilters - a single and double, a tamper, a blank portafilter basket for backwashing, a grouphead brush and the PID interface controller and cable. The machine itself was packed with ample foam packaging material.


I donít use the cup rail as it will not fit on under my cabinets but it is a nice touch. On the other Rocket models it is an expensive upgrade. I also like how the portafilters have "Rocket" embossed on the bottom of them. Very nice. The "free" tamper that comes with the Rocket R58 is all aluminum and has rocket laser etched on the end of the handle. Much better than a cheap plastic one. The cable and connection system for the PID is not the most robust and I would not want to be connecting/re-connecting it daily. I am somewhat afraid that the cable may get damaged easily. The PID interface is easy to read and use however.


As expected it took me some time to dial in my first shot. I had also purchased a new grinder along with the R58, A Macap MC4 that had to be dialed in. Once I dialed in the grind the espresso was beautiful. Having a PID controlled boiler made pulling repeatable shots easier. No temperature surfing, no temperature "flushing" like on a heat exchanger machine. I run a bit of water before I pull a shot to ensure the group-head is nice and hot but that is about it. It never taste like the shots are "burned" by hot water. This is my favorite part of the R58. Repeatability.

The overall feel of the machine while using it is fantastic. It feels solid and well built. Locking and unlocking the portafilter in the group-head feels solid and commercial-grade. The valve controls for steam and hot water are smooth and easy to use. I find they do not need to be "cranked" all the way closed after using them, as they will stick closed. They work best if you just turn them until water/steam stops then leave them partially "open".

MAKING JUST ESPRESSO- fairly easy and repeatable as long as you have nailed down the grind, distribution, dose and tamp variables. The machine does what you tell it to. I had to adjust the over pressure valve from the factory setting, it was initially set to about 8bar. I turned it up to slightly to just over 9bar. I have had much better luck with taste/crema at this pressure (however I am far from an expert). I found that the overall setup with a higher pressure provides a better espresso for my taste, however it is less forgiving and I need to have everything more dialed in. I also adjusted the temperature for the brew boiler to better match that required for the coffee I am currently drinking. I turned it up a degree or two, using the chart provided to estimate brew-head temperature. It seems to work well and this is the beauty of the R58. Adjustability. As far as using the machine for espresso, the only issue I have had to date is group-head lever "drift". When I first pull the lever up to initiate the brew cycle it stays there. But most of the time after it reaches 9 bar pressure the lever drops and sometimes-even stops the brew cycle. I have to press it up when it starts to drift down and then it will stay up for the rest of the cycle. I have researched this problem and it appears it is possible that there is too much lubricant inside the lever mechanism but I am not sure. I plan on taking the machine in for service after I use it a little longer. It has not stopped me from using the machine and it does not appear to affect the shot. (unless of course it turns the machine off.)

MILK BASED DRINKS:- well it all starts with espresso. See above. As far as milk goes, it took me quite a while to figure it out but I think I am getting it. I found that if you try and use the steam and pull a shot at the same time it tends to give precedence to the brew boiler, and steam pressure dissipates quickly. If I use them one at a time it works much better. It is possible to use them both at the same time, but I feel more comfortable with the higher steam pressure. In fact, for best results when I bleed off the water in the steam wand prior to use I blow off the initial steam to get the service boiler running hot. Once it begins to heat up I start using it and get great results. Due to the fact that the service boiler is controlled by a PID and not a pressure-stat system I think there is a little delay before it starts heating after losing pressure. If you use the service boiler when it is already in the heating cycle it will give you the best result in my opinion. Frothing milk is excellent once you get the technique down. It is not the machine that is the problem. When my technique is nailed down I get great microfoam. You can steam and brew all day long with this machine and it does not slow down or give you any reason to wait. Only negative comment I have regarding the steam function of this machine is that I have notice I have a minor leak coming from where the steam valve assembly meets up with the body of the machine. I have only seen a drip or two come from this location on two occasions to date, however I was told when I bought it that it was already repaired as they noticed this problem when testing the machine. Just want to add that I have an R58 with the updated service boiler temperature probe/sensor, and it was factory set to the highest possible temperature setting.

GENERAL COMMENTS/NOTES: Love this machine. I like how the PID controller is separate. I think they really did a good job keeping this machine looking uniform and "analog" without throwing a digital readout on the face to ruin it. I donít change coffee daily as that would be too much to constantly adjust the grind. So for the occasional switch of coffee it is easy to pull out the PID controller and change temperature accordingly. I do not need to have the temperature constantly displayed as I leave the machine on all the time so it is always ready to go. Keeps cups nice and warm. I typically am pulling 3-6 shots a day with a milk-based drink in the mix somewhere.

Drip Tray- The drip tray seems to be fine, maybe a little on the small side but I have not had any real issues with it so far. It is really well built compared to other machines on the market. Just go to a local dealer and put a heavy cup on the drip tray of several different machines. The rocket has a thick plate for a drip tray and is solid.

Rotary pump- I have plumbed in this machine. Took a bit of work. It came with a hose and an adapter from British standard to North American Standard pipe thread. It was then connected to a filter system, which is also British Standard. I am glad I went through all the trouble to get it working plumbed in as it is fantastic to have hot water on tap and I never have to fill up a tank. It is easier to flush it all the time and keep it clean when it is plumbed in. The pump is super quiet and even sounds like a commercial grade machine.

I am very happy with this machine. I bought this hoping it would last a long time, and after using it for a couple of months I believe it will. It is adjustable, easy to use and well built. Most importantly it looks AMAZING. Even the pressure gauges look professional. I also think it is a nice touch to have a stamped ROCKET emblem on the front rather than just a sticker. I like all the details about this machine. I like the mechanical feel of the on off switch. I like the single green light on the front. I like the fact that you can turn the service boiler off if you want. I feel that it was good value for this price range, however there are cheaper double boiler systems available depending on what you are looking for.

If you were willing to put the money down on this machine and look at it as a long tern investment, I would highly recommend it. I will try and provide an update in the near future.

Buying Experience

I purchased my Rocket R58 and Macap MC4 from idrinkcoffee in Milton Ontario. The buying experience was excellent. All of the staff there are very knowledgeable. All I can say is they have top notch customer service at idrinkcoffee and I would highly recommend purchasing your coffee gear from them if you live in Ontario Canada.

Three Month Followup

So here is actually my 6 month follow up.

I ended up having to bring my machine in for service at which time it accidentally was damaged and had to be replaced. I drink coffee.com proved to offer great customer service as they replaced my machine promptly without any hesitation. I ended up getting the second generation/revision of the r58. You can tell the difference as it has a much stronger base with thicker plates for support to prevent damage during shipping. It also has the rocket emblem laser cut into the frame under the drip tray.
This machine worked brilliantly out of the box. I also like the updated wire which connects the control module to the machine. The cable is now a coiled flexible cable which looks like it will last much longer.
I have found using the machine to be easy and very repeatable. With the brew temp always the same coffee flavor is quite consistent. I have found however that because the north american model can only RU. One boiler at a time it is based to steam milk and brew at the same time. I typically brew coffee.... Purge steam wand... Then wait for service boiler to heat back up before steaming. It doesn't take long... Only a few seconds. I have not tried the other way around yet... But it might work to steam first then brew at the end of steam cycle. However that might affect brew temp.
I also removed the rubber "no burn tube" from the steam wand and have discovered I get better results.
Overall, the machine has been working quite well for over 6 months now. I am using the bwt water filter system and have the machine plumbed in direct. It is quiet, repeatable and beautiful to look at. My long term experience has been positive and I still would highly recommend this machine.  If you can check to see which model you are getting I would do so and get the newer revision. The small changes seem significant enough to me that I would want it over the original.

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review rating: 6.0
Posted: December 28, 2012, 9:55pm
feedback: (2) comments | read | write
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