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Alpenrost Roaster
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Product Details
Overall Rating 7.5, Based on 22 Reviews
Avg Price $300.00
Manufacturer Swissmar
Machine Type Purpose built home coffee roaster, drum
Colors White
Class Coffee Roaster, Drum
Pro Review No
First Look Yes
QuickShot No

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Roasters, Accessories & Misc: Alpenrost Roaster
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This was the first modern day (eg, 1980s or later) drum roaster available for consumers. Capable of roasting around 227 grams (1/2 a lb green), the Alp has been available since 2000.

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Roger Placer (quality: 8.9) 02.03.2000 Rating: 8.0
Bottom Line: Built like a tank. Finicky roast timer, but lots o‘ body in the cup!
WRW (quality: 6.4) 05.23.2000 Rating: 8.4
Bottom Line: The big MaMa of home roasters and well worth it.
Chris Schmelzer (quality: 3.0) 03.02.2001 Rating: 8.8
Bottom Line: BUY ME
Jeff Parduhn (quality: 3.0) 07.08.2001 Rating: 8.8
Bottom Line: Great product and fun to use. I would definitely suffer without it!
JTM (quality: 3.7) 09.05.2001 Rating: 4.8
Bottom Line: when will someone build a roaster that works as advertised
Jim Pellegrini 12.01.2001 Rating: 8.4
Bottom Line: Does a good job once you figure it out.
Deward Hastings (quality: 8.7) 01.20.2002 Rating: 6.2
Bottom Line: Probably not the best "first" roaster . . .
Jim Pellegrini (quality: 7.7) 01.30.2002 Rating: 7.8
Bottom Line: Recommended for people who don't mind a learning curve, and can roast outdoors.
Richard Floch (quality: 8.3) 02.23.2002 Rating: 7.6
Bottom Line: Discontinued model.
Brendan Getchel (quality: 8.4) 03.19.2002 Rating: 7.0
Bottom Line: Alpenrost: The Swiss word for "mixed blessings."
Eric Evans (quality: 7.1) 01.26.2003 Rating: 4.8
Bottom Line: Avoid the AlpenRost like the plague!
Henrik Carlsen (quality: 8.0) 08.28.2003 Rating: 7.8
Bottom Line: With the price pattern here in Denmark, the Alpenröst is about twice the price of the Hearthware, but it is a much better buy!
Rick Waits (quality: 9.0) 08.28.2003 Rating: 9.8
Bottom Line: The Abrams Tank of home roasters and IMO...the best in class.
Carl Post (quality: 7.0) 10.05.2003 Rating: 9.8
Bottom Line: Great roaster, I'm new to roasting & just listen for the cracks - solid recommend
Paul Kula (quality: 7.3) 12.12.2003 Rating: 7.4
Bottom Line: Better than buying Starbucks and cheaper than shipping from Vivace.
Greg Schultz (quality: 6.3) 11.30.2004 Rating: 8.0
Bottom Line: Fantastic until it breaks!!
Dave Nolan (quality: 7.3) 12.01.2004 Rating: 7.4
Bottom Line: Not as easy to use as an air roaster, but more capacity and better quality of finished product
Donald Blum (quality: 6.5) 06.07.2005 Rating: 5.0
Bottom Line: If you don't mind a steep learning curve, and are willing to use it as a manual roaster with somewhat uneven results, you will experience drum-like quality coffee roasting.
Tom Stark (quality: 7.8) 10.20.2005 Rating: 9.4
Bottom Line: Built like a tank. Roasts half pound of beans. Alot of smoke. Sensitive to low voltage(lighter roasts)
Phil Dodgson (quality: 9.0) 04.20.2006 Rating: 5.2
Bottom Line: Great idea, disappointingly manufactured.
Steve Kistner (quality: 8.3) 09.22.2006 Rating: 8.2
Bottom Line: For the experienced coffee roaster, a machine that provides all the coffee nuances you could hope for. For a person happy with store beans, a real pain.
Peter Plantec (quality: 5.0) 04.01.2007 Rating: 7.2
Bottom Line: This is a great product, but don't buy it if you live high in the mountains.  You'll have nothing but aggrivation.
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