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CoffeeGeek Partnership Details
Becoming a CoffeeGeek Partner is easy, and the best way to today to reach up to 750,000 or more (monthly) coffee enthusiasts, coffee professionals, and the coffee industry. We offer a wide range of partnership services, perks, promotional events, and of course, advertisements. If you are in the coffee business, you won't find a better way to reach a large number of coffee enthusiasts.
Geeklinks example
GeekLinks Example
A quick and efficient way of showing up to 500,000 people per month the products you sell.

CoffeeGeek GeekLinks™ are your most efficient and cost effective way to say to the coffee loving world: "I sell this product!". We have over 700 products in our extensive consumer review database, and over 7,500 posted reviews. Each of these pages has a well-placed "Where to Buy" section that promotes up to three businesses per page view.

GeekLinks can cost you as little as $4 a month or less, if you buy them in three or six month packages. You can buy GeekLinks in 1, 3 or 6 month blocks, meaning less renewals and even more discounts! GeekLinks are easy to maintain and manage too. Every product in our database is automatically listed on your main GeekLinks page: the ones you have bought links for, and the ones you haven't, all categorized for each inclusion.

Our GeekLinks also enjoy extremely high click through rates. The average across most actively available products is around 1.7% click throughs, but some products boast GeekLink clickthrough rates of 5% or higher.

Fill out the form on the right to take advantage of this high impact, direct method of promoting your products.

SponsorAd example
On every page, there's one or more SponsorAds - a high click-through way to advertise your services & products.

CoffeeGeek SponsorAds™ are some of the most effective ways to advertise today. Enjoying click through rates as high as 3%, these simple ads have a high impact and offer an excellent, customizable way to showcase your business and services.

Got a new product you want to announce? Buy a SponsorAd! Have a short term sale you want to promote? SponsorAds are the way to do it. Got a price that beats anyone else? SponsorAds are your most direct way to promote it to 500,000 monthly viewers. The best part is you can change the content of your SponsorAds any time you want - you can reserve a slot for six months, and change it weekly, at no additional cost.

Start creating your SponsorAds today - fill out the form on the right, and we'll set you up within 24 hours or less.

Banner Ads
Banner Ad Example
Banner Ads
The new side banner is a great billboard-style addition to our graphical advertisements.

CoffeeGeek BannerAds come in two flavours: the popular top banner, and the new billboard (side) banner. With a maximum of 17 of each style per month (2 held in reserve for charitable use), they have a great minimum guaranteed "view" count of 150,000 per banner, and an average of 350,000 views per banner, per month. With the latest version of CoffeeGeek, we are supercharging the graphical banners. Soon you will have the ability to order, renew, and change your banners, straight from your partner page. You'll also be able to see detailed statistics on how your banners are doing, including clickthrough counts and much more.

To find out more about our Banner Ad programs email us with your questions.

Other Promotion Opportunites
Poll Sponsorship
One of the new innovative and helpful ways CoffeeGeek helps you promote and learn about our visitors.

We offer some very innovative and effective ways to advertise and promote on our website. Our effective New and Noteworthy service gives you full web page space on our site to promote a new product or service. Our poll sponsorship services not only allow you to advertise, guaranteed, on our front page, but also to ask the kind of questions you want to know the answers to, by tapping into our large number of daily visitors. There's also contest promotions and events you can get involved in, and get early notice of, via our Partner Newsletter. And soon, we'll have the exciting new "sponsored section" making its debut, offering a place for your company to have unprecedented exposure on our site, tied in with articles and opinion pieces by some of the Coffee Industry's most famous people.

We also provide ways for concerned businesses to help out others, "giving back to the community" with some of our promotions and events, including Charity Sponsorship, in a dollar for dollar fund raising campaign for CoffeeKids every Christmas Holiday.

Partner Signup

Not a CoffeeGeek Partner yet? (if you are, log in to see your custom Partner Page). Fill out the following form, and gain all the benefits of being a website partner (the only requirement is you must be in the coffee business). All fields are mandatory - you must fill everything in.

Your Information
First Name
Last Name
Private Email Address
Public Email Address
Retype Password
CoffeeGeek Username
Notes: Private email address must be valid - you will be emailed a confirmation. Your public email address can be "faked", as in email@removethis.isp.com. CoffeeGeek Username is used to log into the website

Business Information
Company Formal Name
Company Operating Name
Contact Name
Contact Job Title
Contact Email Address
Company Website
Billing Address 1
Billing Address 2
State / Province
Postal Code
Type of Business
Business Phone
Where did you hear about CoffeeGeek
Type of Advertisements interested in
(ctrl-select all that apply)
Notes: we need your formal business name and address for billing purposes. We also ask for a operating name, which is used as your "public company name" when you buy ads like GeekLinks. We ask your type of business for our statistics, and we gear your partner page to display the types of ads you are most interested in, although you have access to any partner function once your account is validated.

CoffeeGeek Partner Benefits

Becoming a CoffeeGeek partner is fast, easy, and gives you an incredible amount of control over your advertising on our website. There's no cost or obligation, and you're only a few steps away from reaching more coffee enthusiasts than you ever thought possible!

  • Reach over 500,000 coffee and espresso enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders each and every month.
  • Easily create, edit and renew SponsorAds Geeklinks.
  • View detailed statistics for all ads.
  • Enjoy click through rates as high as 15% on GeekLinks, and 5% on SponsorAds.
  • Have Banners viewed as much as 350,000 times a month (150,000 per month guaranteed minimum).
  • Get advance notice about special CoffeeGeek promotions, contests, and events.
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