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The Milk Frothing Guide - The Guide
The Milk Frothing Guide
feedback: (44) comments | read | write Guide Posted: Friday, November 7, 2003
Author: Aaron De Lazzer
Milk Frothing Guide
Guide Information

The Milk Frothing Guide was written by Aaron DeLazzer, while he was an employee for Vancouver's JJ Bean Coffee Company, and Mark Prince.

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Why foam milk? Because everyone else is doing it? Because you can’t drink straight espresso all the time? Because without pouring latte art you feel strangely unfulfilled… ?

No, milk is foamed and steamed for one reason and one reason alone, to enhance and elevate the sensory experience of coffee, and espresso in particular.

Let’s start there, the sensory experience. Coffee IS a sensory experience. We therefore want to do anything we can to maximize it. That thought, that thread of truth will be our manifesto on our journey to prepare the finest foamed and textured milk your kitchen has ever seen. (That includes attending to all the little details when pulling our shots of espresso but extends of course into taking the time to create beautiful milk to accompany and encompass the espresso in our macchiato or cappuccino)

It will be both the easiest and the most difficult (or is it easily the most difficult?) thing you have yet encountered. Hot milk with coffee is OK. It gets you somewhere but does not at all compare to the texture and full rich mouthfeel of properly steamed and foamed milk. Handled correctly the milk can be transformed. This is the direction we are heading. The achievement of this fabled foam is our reason for being.

Where Do We Go From Here? Or How to Use this Guide?

There are a bunch of different avenues you can travel along within our Guide to Steaming Milk.  Depending on your level of experience etc. you may want to jump straight to a particular section or meander along going from front to back, leaving no stone unturned on your journey to becoming a milk steaming superstar.

Tools of the Trade Tools of the Trade
A great place to start for everyone. Check in and see that you’ve got what you’ll need to begin playing.  There may be something that you’ve overlooked in your rush to start making drinks
Build Those Drinks Build Those Drinks
Check this out for a brief but pertinent primer of some of the classic combinations of espresso and milk. Wet your appetite for where we’re going and how you’re going to reward yourself once you get this milk-steaming thing perfected.
Hello Milk! Hello Milk!
Approach this section with caution. Hello Milk is a very detailed look at milk with a nod to its chemistry and how the chemistry impacts our ability to steam and foam the milk. Consider this section supplemental reading for keen students only.
Frothing for Newbies & Intermediates Frothing for Newbies & Intermediates
The real meat is here - a beginner and advanced look at milk frothing, including visual how tos and step by step guides and photos to get you going.
The Big Leagues: Steaming with Prosumer Machines The Big Leagues: Steaming with Prosumer Machines
We step up to the big leagues, and talk about advanced techniques on some of the more advanced prosumer machines on the market.
Latte Art Guide Latte Art Guide
This is the carrot. Latte art on a home machine is a reality. When you think you’re ready have a read and then give’r.
Latte Art Examples by CoffeeGeeks Latte Art Examples by CoffeeGeeks
Latte art is possible in the home - even with ultra budget machines. It's all about practice, style, and knowing your tools - see some examples by CoffeeGeek members.
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Guide Sections
Arrow 1. Introduction
Aarow 2. Tools of the Trade
Aarow 3. Drink Building
Aarow 4. Hello Milk
Aarow 5. Milk Steaming Guide
Aarow 6. Steam Like a Pro
Aarow 7. Latte Art Guide
Aarow 8. Art Examples
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