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Joined: 12 Feb 2006
Posts: 87
Location: Vancouver, BC
Expertise: I love coffee

Espresso: Speedster
Grinder: Anfim
Vac Pot: Hario
Drip: Cone
Roaster: Popcorn Popper
Posted Sat Apr 21, 2012, 12:27pm
Subject: Thanking our Sponsors!

It's time again to acknowledge the real people who make CoffeeGeek continue to happen: our advertisers and sponsors!

CoffeeGeek would not exist as a resource if it weren't for the companies that advertise with us. We only sell advertisements to coffee related businesses, and even screen out those businesses who aren't involved in the specialty coffee world.  We feel you can trust every advertiser that lists with us to provide you with good products and services and good prices. When you buy from them (and especially tell them you found them through CoffeeGeek) this helps us greatly as a resource.

Fortunately, all of our advertisers sell some of the best products available today for coffee and espresso, so shopping with them is a no-brainer!

1st in Coffee - these folks have been with CoffeeGeek almost from our start over 10 years ago. They are in business today because they offer fantastic products at great prices. 1st in Coffee is Mark's only spot for illy cups, which he collects veraciously and they always have the latest sets on sale. Also, if you're looking for a lever machine, this is the place to go!

Clive Coffee - fantastic roaster and the inventor of the Clive Stand. They are primarily a vendor of consumer (and professional) products for coffee and espresso, but also one of Portland's great micro roasters. Their website offers a wealth of educational tools and resources along with some of the top products available today for brewing, grinding, and shot pulling.

Whole Latte Love - another one of our most loyal and consistent sponsors, Whole Latte Love (or WLL as they are known as in our forums) is one of the widest selection of coffee and brewing equipment available today online - everything from $250 Gaggias on up to the La Marzocco GS/3 and more. Fantastic business with a reputation and inventory to match. They also frequently have great promotions and sales.

I Drink Coffee - one of our Canadian vendors, and what we like about them is that they really scour the world to bring some of the most-sought-after espresso machines to the Canadian market. Prices are extremely competitive too - gone are the days when a machine cost 2x as much to buy from a Canadian company than it did from a US one - we love these guys.

Baratza along with WLL and 1st in Coffee, Baratza is one of CoffeeGeek's longest serving sponsors. But that's not why we love them. We love this company because they produce the best consumer grinders on the market today, and they also have the best customer service in the entire industry.

Seattle Coffee Gear We love their videos on Youtube, and love their selection. Fantastic prices and one of the best video tutorial resources in the world of coffee and espresso. You can't go wrong buying from them.

Social Coffee Company - you know what makes us really happy? When one of the best roasters in Canada is also one of our premier sponsors. We get lots of love from a lot of Canadian roasters, but in some ways, Social really stands out for us. Mark Prince loves their coffee so much, he's bought a subscription for their coffees weekly, not just for himself, but another one for his father as a yearly Christmas Gift. Social's coffees are amazing and well priced. They ship internationally too.

Espro - another Canadian company, one responsible for a growing line of coffee and espresso equipment and accessories. They make the time-tested Espro Tamper which helps you measure out that 30lb tamping pressure. But more recently they've become famous for their dual stage Espro Press Pot. And guess what - their original 2 cup press pot is now joined by a 1litre Espro Press - brand new and a different dual filter design.

Specialty Coffee Solutions - a new sponsor but a long standing business - these guys are the official La Marzocco distributor on Canada's west coast, but more recently, they became the exclusive Vibiemme importer for Western Canada. Great service, great prices. They also carry a lot of the Cafelat product line, and other great espresso and coffee accessories.

Some of our other great sponsors!

We also appreciate the support of Espresso Zone, which stocks a wide range of accessories, Prima Coffee which currently carries interesting Cavendish tampers, 1st-line - our long time supporters - visit their facebook page for specials, Chris Coffee, who provides free barista training for their customers and JL Hufford, who has me hooked on their selection of mugs but also carries lots of espresso accessories.

We'd also like to thank Creative Cookware, The Coffee Brewers, Espresso Care, Qualia Coffee, Venia Coffee, and Espresso Maker Empire for their support!

We thank all of our sponsors who make our site possible and invite you to visit them when you are considering your next coffee related purchase.
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Senior Member
Joined: 15 Aug 2011
Posts: 243
Location: Golden, BC, Canada
Expertise: I love coffee

Espresso: La Spaziale Mini Vivaldy
Grinder: Vario
Drip: Bonavita
Roaster: Toastess popper
Posted Wed Apr 25, 2012, 6:58am
Subject: Re: Thanking our Sponsors!

Props to the sponsors for sure. I have ordered through I Drink Coffee and they have been amazing considering they are about 4000 km's away.

Props to Clive Coffee as well. I dropped by their store on a trip last year and was really impressed by the friendliness, knowledge and and for taking time with a customer who would not be buying at that time. it speaks to their character...

The rest I don't know beyond the forums but because of my experiences with the others, i have great faith in them....
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Discussions > Members > Site News > Thanking our...  
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