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SOLD: Expobar Brewtus IV-R, Ceado E37 grinder, and accessories
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Espresso: Expobar Brewtus IV-R
Grinder: Ceado E37, OE LIDO #036
Vac Pot: Espro french press
Posted Sat Apr 13, 2013, 12:05pm
Subject: SOLD: Expobar Brewtus IV-R, Ceado E37 grinder, and accessories

4/14 update: Sold for the asking price. Thanks!

Itís time for me to move on to a new obsession, so Iím putting all of my espresso gear up for sale. I bought everything between January and February 2012, mostly from Whole Latte Love.  I have the original manuals and certificates that came in the boxes, as well as receipts for everything.  Unfortunately I do not have the original boxes, but I will buy boxes if I have to to ship it.

I live in Washington, DC.  My preference is local pickup.  And by pickup I mean you driving into DC to pick it up.  I canít deliver it to you.  I'll ship it if I can't find a local buyer.


Price:  $1400 for the Brewtus and $650 for the grinder. If you buy both, I will throw in all of the accessories (if you want them).  If you only buy one, accessories are negotiable (say 50% of retail).

I paid $1979 for the Brewtus, $950 for the Ceado E37, $250 for the ironwood handles, and probably a few hundred more for all of the other little things, so something like $3500.  The Brewtus is currently on sale at WLL for $1999.  Assuming you also buy a grinder from WLL, theyíll probably discount them like they did for me (Brewtus was $2200 at the time I think, and the grinder was $1299).  In other words, I'm offering these at about 70% of the already-discounted retail that I paid.  This might be a bit higher than normal, but a) this stuff is only a year old and b) it's better than what you'd buy new.

The gear:

Brewtus IV-R, purchased January 11, 2012 from WLL.
Dual-boiler PID-controlled E-61 machine.  This is the rotary pump model, without a reservoir.  It must be plumbed in.

It is in perfect working order, and beautiful condition.  I use it for about one espresso a day, maybe a couple a day over the weekend.  I keep it immaculately clean, backflush regularly, and use Urnex Cafiza espresso machine cleaner occassionally.  As you can see in the pictures, I replaced the cheap plastic handles and knobs with American Desert Ironwood items, custom made by Dave Stephens (cannonfodder on home-barista).  Dave did a really good job, and I think it transformed the machine.  The Rancilio Bottomless portafilter with the ironwood handle is included, along with the original portafilter handle and baskets.

I plumbed it using a water filter and softener kit from Chris Coffee with John Guest lines and fittings, and a pressure regulator set to 25 psi to limit wear and tear on the machine (see pic).  I never connected the drain pan. I have the parts youíll need for that, and I will throw in as much of the plumbing hardware as you want. The one thing youíll definitely want is the stack of brass couplers and adapters that were required to connect the Brewtus stainless steel water line to the John Guest water line.

The only repairs Iíve made were to replace the pressurestat for the steam boiler last month, and the grouphead gasket and shower screen late last year. I bought the replacement parts from WLL.

Known imperfections:
- The tray covering the drip pan shows normal scuffs from daily use, and the bottom of the brewhead has a couple of dings from the portafilter, but you can only see these from the bottom.
- There is an extremely fine 3/4Ē-long scratch on the brewhead that is so fine you canít see it in the pictures.
- There is a small bulge in the face of the machine in the top left corner, above the steam knob.  This is a manufacturing defect, and it looks like they overtightened something during assembly.  When I got the machine I was rather annoyed, and considered sending it back, but I decided no one would notice it but me. But you will notice it, too.

Ceado E37 Grinder, purchased February 20, 2012 from WLL.
Itís in perfect condition.  I really believe that the Ceado is the most under-appreciated grinder on the market.  I briefly owned a Rocky and then two Mazzer Minis before this, and hated them.  The Ceado was a revelation. Itís a joy to use, and makes outstanding espresso. Read my owner experience thread on home-barista. The chute mod that I describe in the thread is completely reversible, and will be reversed prior to the sale unless the seller wants me to leave it in.  

I use a Mazzer Mini hopper on the Ceado, but youíll also get the original 4-lb capacity hopper.

Other items:
- Espro calibrated 58mm tamper
- Couple of 20oz latte art pitchers, one Rattleware, other unknown, both from WLL, if you want them
- Rattleware SS knockbox, maple box with rubber feet
- VST baskets (4): 17,18,20,21g.
- Original Expobar portafilter and baskets, blind basket, maybe another SS tamper, not sure if I still have it.

Prior to shipping or pickup, I will thoroughly clean and drain the machine according to WLL's instructions.  If I have to ship it, I will double box it with tons of packing material.

Finally, I will also provide, free of charge, as much (or as little) advice on using the equipment as you want.

Listing Details
Asking / Suggested Price: 2050
Seller Name: Jeff Rowe
Seller Location: Washington, DC
Sale Type: For Sale

flatsix: 20130413-_DSC1031.jpg
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Discussions > Members > Buy and Sell > SOLD: Expobar...  
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