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Elektra Nivola
Rancilio Silvia - How to
Step by step guide for easy brewing and steaming with the Rancilio Silvia
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Posted Fri Sep 21, 2012, 2:55pm
Subject: Elektra Nivola

In addition to losing a couple of grinders I need to make room for my machines as well.  The Vibiemme and MCal are serving me fine for the moment so the Nivola has to go.  I bought this machine used and I  used it for a little while prior to my upgraditis bug. Its not in the best of cosmetic shape but a little elbow grease and polish would bring it back up to par.  The clearcoat has been completely stripped now which is nice as I found that unless you take meticulous care of it the clearcoat will eventually peel/chip off anyway.  Machine works and turns on.  However, I was tested it and there is a slight leak coming from the teflon hose.  Its not connected tightly enough. Its probably a really easy fix but I just don't have the time to work on it at the moment as I have too many other projects going on as well as a new infant.  I brought it in for service (espressotec in Richmond BC) but they told me that it wasn't worth it for me to pay them to do it.  They said I just needed a new teflon hose which they sold me and told me to put the new one on myself.  Portafilter is in great condition and comes with the double basket.  Not sure if I still have the single but I will throw in if I do.  Comes with spare parts one of which looks to be a safety thermostat.  The person that sold me the machine told me that he thought the safety thermostat was broken so he bought a new one.  However, that wasn't the problem and he actually had someone replace the heating element instead.  There are a few little cracks on the plastic of the green/red light cover. It works fine but can be replaced for $24.95 at Stefano's.  The clear plastic cover for the clock sits loosely and is press fit by some rubber grommet pieces at the moment.  A new plastic cover can be ordered or perhaps glued on.  If it's glued on you wouldn't be able to change the battery on the clock though.  The battery is out of power now but i never changed it as its more for show anyway.  This is a unique looking art deco piece that also makes some pretty good espresso.  Asking $425 plus shipping

Would consider a trade for a good hand grinder or a Hario Buono Kettle or anything coffee related actually.


Listing Details
Asking / Suggested Price: 425
Seller Name: Andrew Mar
Seller Location: Vancouver BC or Point Roberts Washington
Sale Type: For Sale or Trade

Angman: IMG-20120921-00272.jpg
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Discussions > Members > Buy and Sell > Elektra Nivola  
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