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Giotto Rocket-Replacing the relay with a solid state relay-
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Espresso: Giotto Rocket
Posted Wed Jan 1, 2014, 7:13pm
Subject: Giotto Rocket-Replacing the relay with a solid state relay-

Hello Coffee Group,I'm not sure if this is where I should post this,but.I want to replace the relay in my Giotto Rocket Premium  with a solid state relay but I'm not sure which wires have to be attached to the ss relay. Has anyone done this?
Any info will be helpful.
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Posted Wed Jan 1, 2014, 9:56pm
Subject: Re: Giotto Rocket-Replacing the relay with a solid state relay-

The relay is on the powerboard (Inside the box that controls the auto-leveller et al.) so just leave that existing one in place.  What adding a sacrificial relay to Giotto will do is to protect the electrical contacts in your pressostat from burning out so often.

Depending on the age of your Rocket Giotto, it may have a Sirai pressostat. A big, and very resilient pressostat with big electrical contacts that aren't prone to burning out as often as little pressostats do.  Putting these better pressostats into Giottos was one of the first improvements Rocket did when they took on the Giotto model. If this is the case, it could be argued that a SS Relay is an unneccessary improvement, not doing enough good to make it worthwhile.

If your pressostat is the little, round "ma'ter", then the SS Relay will certainly improve the longevity of it's contacts, but won't make it last forever.

If you look at your powerboard, it should have a sticker on the side to point out which wires are which.
Between the brown and blue power supply from the mains is the black wire that runs up through the pressostat, the safety-hi-limit thermostat and then to the heating element.

What you need to do if you're going to run the element off of a relay instead of the P-Stat is to run that first black wire from the powerboard up to the safety-hi-limit on the top of the boiler(The one with the red button to reset it). From the other side of the hi-limit run a wire down to one of the "load" terminals on the relay. We'll say "Load 1".  Now the relay has a live power source to control(So long as the boiler is full etc.).  From that same terminal "Load 1", run another wire (Black to avoid confusion) up to where the previous wire used to go on the "NC" normally Closed terminal of the pressostat.  Now the pressostat has a power supply to trigger the relay with.
Both the Relay and the Pressostat will lose power if the boiler should ever overheat due to a cracked element or something.
Note:  If your pressostat has two skinny wires, black and purple or something, both running back to the powerboard, then it came from the factory wired with a bad idea. This is why the relay on your powerboard is burning relays. The rewiring here will cure this problem. But the next step will not be an accurate description of what you're seeing.
Let me know and I'll write a better description.

Now, the "C" common connection on your p-stat probably runs to one of the connections on your element. Take that wire off of the p-stat's "C" and put it onto the new relay's "Load 2", the other "Load" connection so that the relay can turn power on and off to the element.

Now that "C" on the P-Stat has to be connected to the "Control/Input" of the Relay to tell it when. So connect a wire from P-Stat C to "Input 3", a new terminal on the relay.  And to finish it off, the relay needs a neutral on "Input 4" in order to know when "3" has a signal, so you'll need to make a jumper wire to any of the other neutrals (The blue wires that jumper to all of the components).

Before you start, can you post up a couple pictures of your powerboard showing the sticker/picture, the powerboard showing the wires attached, the relay you're going to use ,  the top of your boiler inclusing hi-level and pressostat?  This would make me a lot more comfortable knowing that we're both talking about the same thing and that I'm not going to burn down your kitchen.  I don't mean to insult you, I just want to know that I'm not leading you into something where you'd make a mistake I'm not thinking to foresee.
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Discussions > Espresso > Machines > Giotto...  
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