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Nuova Simonelli Oscar - Electrical Problem.
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Posted Thu Jan 12, 2012, 7:22pm
Subject: Re: Nuova Simonelli Oscar - Electrical Problem.

OK Gents, I just went back over my notes on MFC2SN control box. This is a somewhat unusual configuration as the second relay is fed from the first. And it depends on which control box you have. OK, here's the functionality for the Giemme box. Relay 1, 1 Form C (one normally closed and one normally open contact) normally closed contact lights the "NO Water light." If the reservoir sensor is happy, the MCU closes normally open contact in relay 1. This relay now turns off light and allows the brew switch to function and routes power to relay 2 which controls the pump and autofill solenoid. Relay 2 is a 2 circuit form C with only the normally open contacts being used to run the pump and autofill solenoid. Low level signal in boiler would caused MCU to activate relay 2. Relay 3 high current form C with only the normally open contact being used, operates the heating element. MCU seems to only operate this after autofill cycle has completed at least once. The Cubic Ricera box has the relay 1 functionality reversed. The relay is operated on power up and lights the "empty resevoir light." If the MCU is happy with the reservoir level it releases relay 1 which then powers relay 2 and allow the brew switch, pump, and autofill solenoid to function. To properly diagnose you have to know which control box is installed in your machine.
The low level light seems to be present with the Cubic Ricera control box but I have Giemme RLO 1E/1S/4C/F boxes that have the light circuit missing. And to answer the question about the brain being dead, the way the box is wired the "empty resevoir light" would come on whether the control box is dead or alive if it has the Giemme functionality. The Cubic Ricera box would allow you to operate the brew switch if the control was dead.
The only way to test is to jump the pins opposite the power lugs. Inner most lug is ground and the other two are the boiler level and safety probe. If connecting the outer two signal wires to the ground lug causes no activity, such as the "empty reservoir light" to extinguish, then the box is dead. Remember the side of the box with the 6 or 7 lugs is line voltage. This is where "Mr. Snappy" lives. The three on the other side of the box are low voltage and ground. If the box got water in it the box has probably burnt up a few traces or you may have lost the transformer. Generally fixable.
And what was wrong with your "Mr. Coffee" again?
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Posted Wed Mar 12, 2014, 6:04am
Subject: Re: Nuova Simonelli Oscar - Electrical Problem.


I am following up regarding an  issue with my Astoria espresso machine that seems ot be in tha same box as discussed above..    The issue is as follows:
The machine is on a timer and warmed up normally.  I started to run the shot and the pump stopped just after switching it on.  The machine was still on, but the pump just tripped off.  I toggled the switch and the pump still did not react.  I turned the machine off for a bit and tried it again.  This time the pump did start, but turned off within less than a second.  I continued to toggle the switch, with the same result (pump on for a fraction of a second then off).  

In communication with Astoria, they stated I need a control box, p/n 18043.  I continued to do some research on the part, as  I don’t want to spend $190 if I am not 100% sure of the issue.  In this research, I found your this thread.  You discussed the Giemme MFC2SN control box, and also the Cubic Ricerca box (Which is the box in my machine).  The discussion indicated that these 2 boxes are different.  Therefore I am concerned that if I receive the Giemme box, and use it I will just blow it up again….that would be a bummer.

So, I have some questions:

  1. Will the Giemme box work (If that is what I get)
  2. What could be the issue? (Is it a bad relay, that just needs to be replaced?)
  3. Is it repairable versus replaceable?

I do have capability to replace components (or have guys that work on our Electrical Engineering team that can debug, and repair stuff).

Any help would be appreciated.

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Discussions > Espresso > Espresso Mods > Nuova Simonelli...  
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