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My journey with coffee!
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Posted Mon Feb 25, 2013, 9:34pm
Subject: My journey with coffee!

Hello all, I wanted shares my experience with coffee and what it has done to me!
I started drinking instant coffee about 10 years ago. After a few months I cease because I felt it was dragging me down and it was because when I cease drinking it life came back to me. The only reason I recognize this is because I went through sever brain surgery.

So I stopped coffee drinking.
I bought an espresso late every now and again thinking it was the bomb.
I started work at a cafe and he I was able to experience real coffee for free! :)
So I went and bought a crazy braille espresso machine thinking it was the bomb making me sick coffee.
I started using a spice grinder for whole beans. Coffee was surely the epitome for me now!
Then the machine started leaking water from the exterior and pressure got lost big time.
I was sad I could not pull the trick propeller ground coffee I used to.
So I bought a rocky Rancillio grinder thinking this was the reason for the poor pressure and so forth. Coffee came back to me in full force, I loved this. Then the machine was just imploding. I could not bear this burden of a machine anymore and I went and bought a Sylvia!

Now coffee was truly amazing!
Then some friends told me they did not use sugar! I was dubious so I joined them in this pain staking journey!
I hate white sugar now and I will not touch with any food.

So I gradually fell in love with sugarless coffee!
I was happy doing this for a long while getting better at coffee making. Now about 2 and 1/2 years pass and I read a book called sweet poison which truly delved into the reality of fructose.
This was the starting point for me. I realized that white sugar was not the only offender in this western diet. It is refined food!
I started reading websites such as LIVESTRONG.COM, Marks apple, which taught me about food. Not so much about refined food but about food in general. It was dawning on me that some foods were extremely good! And some were not so good. I noticed something these good and bad foods had in common.
The good food grew from dirt or was produced from an animal. The good food was untainted, un-refined, stress free and generally untouched by humans.

Take away food, aka M.C. Donald’s, hungry jacks and KFC all stopped. Take out is a bad food and I had a hard time forsaking it.
The bad food was processed and refined. I soon learned by reading nutritional content on food in the supermarket that most food sold was bad! Some were good. Most foods sold have added sugar, preservatives etc. Somehow ever were honest and good. These generally were unknown foods from Asia, china, Thai and japan. Brands like AYAM.
I found that the good food came from other cultures.
It was hard to sacrifice and discipline myself to stop eating what was commonly accepted as good food.
Refined wheat, white bread had to go, pasta, canned foods, microwave, pre made foods, oils (canola) certain frozen foods and the list goes on.
It was hard. I had no coaching, no support nothing. I took this on alone.

I discovered milk was a huge offender! Highly processed and refined by what is known as pasteurizing and homogenization.
For a long while I drank non homogenized milk not knowing why. I guess I assumed it was more natural, which it is.
I read on here in coffee geek, one member said he only drinks short blacks and seldom drinks a latte. So I joined him as I envied his words. I am sure instant coffee is a form of refined food, thus poison with its poison milk.

If I was to drink milk again I need to buy a cow that I can milk.

I did not think coffee could get any better. I was drinking whole bean freshly, dose less and ground in my rocky. One last thing occurred. I bought a roaster! And 12 kilos of coffee from all over the world. Coffee from Petro Rico, Thailand, Rwanda forest and so forth. Now I am roasting this and pulling triple ristrettos every morning. One coffee a day!

I can honestly say I wake up every morning with the knowledge I am going to make the yummiest, healthiest, tastiest coffee in my state! Not only that but I am going to eat wholesome tasty foods!
I drink a lot of tea now too.

My quality of life has done a back flip.
I sleep better, I eat better, I lost weight, I have not been sick for years. Others things in my life have improved which I choose not to mention!
Looking back on all this, I can see it subliminally started with stopping my instant coffee kick.
This was partly spiritual!
I believe in GOD. All other theories I have found insufficient.
I believe GOD made us and I believe he made the good unrefined food. The food on this earth makes us well and happy, it is true, and I have read countless facts about the benefits of coconuts! It was put there for us to eat and now I eat it.

This all occurred to me in the last ten years starting with coffee. I will stop this once I die but for now I shall continue eating new incredible foods :). Oh yes and people assume I am queer and schizophrenia (paranoid.) I was opposed, questioned and people assume I am wrong to this day. No one seems to understand or want to understand why I forsook this eating habit. This is something I believe you have to learn for yourself and take on with 100% conviction. To my knowledge few seek and take this road.

"A good cup of coffee starts with a seedling."

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Discussions > Espresso > General > My journey with...  
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