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Behmor Dark roast vs Costco
Rancilio Silvia - How to
Step by step guide for easy brewing and steaming with the Rancilio Silvia
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Posted Fri Feb 12, 2010, 2:55pm
Subject: Re: Behmor Dark roast vs Costco

Most beans when taking to French roast or even Vienna will be very ashy and thin. I posted above about a blend that Tom at Sm's has for just this purpose. If you read through Tom's notes you will see a few he says can handle Vienna and rarely anything that can take a French. To be clear, we are talking about roasting to near the end of a rolling second crack, correct?
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Posted Mon Jul 5, 2010, 2:24pm
Subject: Re: Behmor Dark roast vs Costco

garyhow Said:

I understand. I've been through the wine phase, the fine meal stage, the perfect cars stage. I love cooking, driving fine cars which in my life has included Saabs, Mercedes, Porsche and BMW's (compliments of my employment in IT at NASA, Schenkers, Prime Computer(now defunct), etc.... Now I own my own companies and enjoy the life of an artist and I enjoy coffee. I enjoy it from city+ all the way to French Roast.. But, I'm yet to put the effort into learning the in and out of proper roasting with the Behmor to obtain the French Roast end of the process.

I was just looking for general profile guidance on how to obtain a good french roast.

Thanks for your help and input!

Posted February 8, 2010 link

I think I achieved a French Roast using some Sumatra Permata Gayo beans on 06/12/10, completely by accident. I roasted just up to second crack, then pressed Cool.

I removed the beans after 1:30 of the cooling cycle, and dumped them into a metal bowl. Then I spread them out on metal cookie sheets.

I did not use a fan to cool them. The heat of the beans continued the roasting process for some time. The beans looked pretty dark and oily to me. On 06/16/10, I took pictures of the 06/12 beans as well as the 06/16 roast of the same beans. I took pictures with and without flash.

Most of these pictures are of beans from the 06/12/ roast. The ones without a date in the caption were roasted on 06/16/10:
Click Here (www.softwarepolish.com)

I apologize, but this photo album is not 100% functional. For some reason, you can't download the full image files. It's been a while since I used this software, and I don't remember the trick ...

Life is too short to drink bad wine (or bad coffee)
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Posted Tue Nov 30, 2010, 6:39pm
Subject: Re: Behmor Dark roast vs Costco

I just purchased a Behmor after my Bravi went belly up. I tried your method on some single origin Colombian beans - P-1-B-#1 with 13 oz. and they came out great.  I did preheat the Behmor and the beans for 1:30 before starting the roast. I hit the cool button just after the second crack and beans turned out nicely. I use a Gaggia Syncrony super automatic and the machine doesn't like oily beans.

ljguitar Said:

Hi gary...
P3 and P4 (and P5) are graduated or ramped up more gradually. I like my espresso roasts with 13.3oz (377gm) of beans on P4-D-1# (I lie to the roaster and tell it that there are a full pound of beans). This gives me a more gentle roast ramping up into 1st crack so it doesn't barge right into 2nd crack.

To assist me, about 10 seconds into a solid 1st crack I open the door all the way and let it sit open for 30-40 seconds which brings it to the end of 1st crack (I close the door when 1st crack begins winding down). This usually allows a space of 30sec to a minute and a half between the end of 1st and beginning of 2nd crack...depending on the bean.

For me, P3 is too gradual and takes too long to reach 1st Crack and P5 requires me to roast small batches even when I lie to the roaster about how much I'm roasting.

So the P4-D-1# is great for my espresso whereas the P1-B-1# with the same 13.3oz is where I roast my single origin beans.

These settings were arrived at by starting with 8 oz batches (telling the roaster they were a pound) and then gradually working my way up to 10, 12 and finally 13.3 oz...why 13.3oz? It's because that gives me exactly 6 batches from 5 pounds of green beans, and 12 batches from 10 pounds, plus 13.3oz roasts fill a quart mason jar.


Posted February 1, 2010 link

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Posted Thu Dec 2, 2010, 5:08am
Subject: Re: Behmor Dark roast vs Costco

garyhow Said:

I understand. I've been through the wine phase, the fine meal stage, the perfect cars stage. !

Posted February 8, 2010 link

It sounds like you are now going through your coffee stage.  I'm still stuck in the good wine, good coffee, good food,  good beer, and fun car stage.
Good luck in your search.

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Posted Mon Aug 13, 2012, 1:27pm
Subject: Re: Behmor Dark roast vs Costco

I like this thread. A lot. Pat (scrutinizer) has revealed some very fine techniques. Big thanks to you! Try his techniques and you will get great results in no time.

My issues?
Well, I usually roasted all beans at P3 C and chose maximum time. I tried both ½ lb and 1 lb, but both came out bad. If I let second crack begin the roasts turned out too strong, tasting and smelling burnt. And so I've asked myself "Why?". And the answer is: The time between 1C and 2C were too tight. In other words: It got too hot, so the beans got burned and all lovely flavours couldn't develop well.

Now, I've only made 2 roasts since then, but using Pat's technique. I've also started logging all necessary bits and pieces. Here's an example:

Attempt 1
Bean type = Colombia Oporapa
Date = 31.07.12
Temp outside = 20 C
Bean load = 9 oz
Profile = 1 lb P2 A { 18:00 }
Preheat = 1 minute
1C start = { 08:30 } 09:30
1C end = { 04:15 } 13:45
2C start = { 04:00 } 14:00
Cooldown = { 03:56 } 14:04
Door open = { 07:00 } 08:00
Taste result: A bit sour, perhaps too light roasted. Great amount of flavours, though.

After this 1st attempt, I tried letting it roast a while longer. And the result got way better; no bad flavours.
I'll keep logging everything and it'll get pretty interesting during winter, since I'll be roasting outdoors at -30 C (february).

To sum up:
I'll be trying to reach the "Perfect 10", which means reaching 1C around 10 minutes into the program; where the power drops. And when I do, I'll start experimenting with the end time. I'll keep logging everything. Will take some time to become a pro, but I don't mind enjoying some double espressos on the way.

(As for the espresso making part; I have a higher level of expertise there, no need for leveling there)
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Discussions > Coffee > Home Roast > Behmor Dark...  
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